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Nordic Walking Basics & Backgrounds

  What is Nordic Walking?
Find out what Nordic Walking is all about in this section.

  Nordic Walking History
Find out how and where Nordic Walking started.

  Why go Nordic Walking?
In this section, find out why people enjoy Nordic Walking.

Nordic Walking - Getting Started

  Nordic Walking – Health Facts
Learn more about the health facts of Nordic Walking in this section.

  Nordic Walking – Benefits & Applications
Learn more about the benefits of nordic walking and where you can apply them.

  Nordic Walking - Preparing & Training your Feet
Take good care of your feet to help you achieve the optimum benefits that Nordic Walking can offer.

  Nordic Walking - Common Foot Conditions
Get familiar with the different foot conditions in Nordic Walking and other walking-related activities.

  Nordic Walking - Warming Up & Cooling Down
Learn how to warm up and cool down before nordic walking.

  Pre-Nordic Walk Guidelines
Read some pre-nordic walk guidelines in this section.

  Diet for Nordic Walkers
Know what type of food is important for a Nordic walker in this section.

Nordic Walking Exercises

  Nordic Walking Exercises - Shoulder Flex
In this section, learn how to do the Shoulder Flex. This stretches your shoulders which will help prevent any muscle pain after a day of Nordic Walking.

  Nordic Walking Exercises - Step Squat
Learn how to do the Step Squat in this section. This exercise targets the front of your thighs as well as your hips.

  Nordic Walking Exercises - Straight Back Squat
In this section, learn how to do the Straight Back Squat. This Nordic Walking Exercise works on all the major muscle groups in the body.

  Nordic Walking Exercises - Upper Torso Twist
In this section, learn how to do the Upper Torso Twist. This Nordic Walking Exercise targets the abdominal muscles.

Nordic Walking Techniques

  Nordic Walking – Basic Technique
Learn the basic Nordic Walking technique in this section.

  Nordic Walking - Progressive Technique
Learn the Progressive Nordic Walking Technique in this section.

  Nordic Walking – Uphill–Downhill Technique
Learn how to do the Uphill-Downhill Technique in this section.

  Nordic Walking - Advanced Techniques
Read this section and learn how to perform advanced techniques in Nordic Walking.

  Nordic Walking Techniques - Typical Mistakes
Learn the typical mistakes that you can commit when nordic walking.

Nordic Walking Gear & Equipment

  Nordic Walking Poles
Find out what Nordic Walking Poles are in this section.

    Nordic Walking Poles - Parts
Read this section and learn the different elements that make up Nordic Walking Poles.

    Nordic Walking Poles - Features
Learn more about the features of Nordic Walking Poles in this section.

    Nordic Walking Poles - Types
This article discusses the two main types of Nordic Walking Poles.

    Nordic Walking Poles – Finding the Right Length
This section covers some guidelines to keep in mind in finding the right length.

    Nordic Walking Pole Buying Guide - How to Buy Nordic Walking Poles
Know the guidelines in buying Nordic Walking Poles not only to get the most out of your money but also to achieve the benefits you deserve.

  Nordic Walking Clothes & Shoes
In Nordic Walking, make sure to wear the appropriate set of clothing to keep you warm, dry, and protected.

  Nordic Walking Accessories
In this section, we will give you a brief discussion about Nordic Walking Gear and Accessories that will be of great help to you.

Nordic Walking Safety & Guidelines

  First Aid for Nordic Walking & Outdoor Activities
Safety is, and should always be, a top priority when engaged in any outdoor activity.

  Nordic Walking Safety – Blisters
Do not let Blisters ruin your Nordic walk. All you need to know is how these occur and how to avoid having to deal with them.

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