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Nordic Walking - Getting Started

After learning what Nordic Walking is and how it began, let us now get started with Nordic Walking. While Nordic Walking is a very easy to do, there are several things that you should consider about it to ensure that you would do it without hurting yourself. And if you are planning to nordic walk competitively, then there are other more specific factors to consider which include your diet, training and exercises which would give you the extra boost that you need, when you need it the most.

Health Facts Health Facts
Not only will you gain physical and mental benefits from Nordic Walking, but it can also help you become fit and healthy. Learn more about the health facts of this wonderful activity in this section.

Benefits & Applications Benefits & Applications
There are countless reasons why people nowadays are getting interested with Nordic Walking. In this section, discover the benefits that people can get from simply walking with poles.

Preparing & Training your Feet Preparing & Training your Feet
As the most abused part of the body, your feet deserve extra care to prepare them for a day of Nordic Walking. Learn how to prepare and train your feet for Nordic Walking in this section.

Common Foot Conditions Common Foot Conditions
No two feet are alike. In this section, learn what these foot conditions are and know what you can do to compensate for them and still enjoy Nordic Walking.

Warming Up & Cooling Down Warming Up & Cooling Down
Whatever form of exercise we do during the actual workout, our body condition differs greatly from the normal body condition. Learn how to warm up and cool down before you go Nordic Walking.

Pre-Nordic Walk Guidelines Pre-Nordic Walk Guidelines
As they say, "If you fail to plan then you plan to fail". This article covers some things that you need to think about when Nordic walking.

Diet for Nordic Walkers Diet for Nordic Walkers
One factor that a Nordic walker must consider is his diet. Because he needs more energy to be able to walk a particular distance, he needs the right nutrition to keep him going.

What you have read are the things that you need to know in order to get you started with Nordic Walking. Knowing them will not only keep you walking for longer distances with the right diet but will also ensure you that you can continue walking by keeping you injury-free. Injuries can keep you from walking for several weeks up to several months, in worst cases, so it is best to avoid them. From here, check out the other aspects of Nordic Walking that are discussed in the other parts of this website.

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