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Welcome to our Nordic Walking Information section. Have a basic understanding of this activity by reading our articles about its basic essentials. We have guidelines on how to get started, useful information on techniques, and things you need to know about the necessary pieces of gear and equipment. We also have a section on safety and first aid. Browse through our specific sections below and learn what Nordic Walking is all about.

Nordic Walking Basics & Background Information Nordic Walking Basics & Background Information
In a nutshell, it is an outdoor sport, leisure activity, and full body exercise all rolled into one. Know more about Nordic Walking in this section.

Nordic Walking - Getting Started Nordic Walking - Getting Started
Though this activity can be as simple as walking with poles, having a good foundation of its essentials is of utmost importance. Read this section before heading out.

Nordic Walking Exercises Nordic Walking Exercises
There are various Nordic Walking Exercises you can choose from. Read this section to know in detail the different exercises that can help your body Nordic walk at its best.

Nordic Walking Techniques Nordic Walking Techniques
Make sure to learn the necessary skills and techniques in order to achieve optimum benefits that this activity can bring. Nordic walk the right way with the help of this section.

Nordic Walking Gear & Equipment Nordic Walking Gear & Equipment
Nordic Walking does not entail a lot of different pieces of equipment and tools. Just make sure that what you use meets the demands of the activity.

Nordic Walking Safety & Guidelines Nordic Walking Safety & Guidelines
Always keep safety on top of the list when engaged in Nordic Walking and other outdoor activities. Check out these guidelines to keep yourself out of harm's way.

Nordic Walking is getting a lot of attention as more and more people discover the health wonders that this activity can offer. It can be done by people of all ages, and you do not need to know a lot of different skills and purchase numerous pieces of gear. With the right information and better understanding of the nature of the activity, you can definitely benefit from it. Gear up and have a healthy lifestyle with Nordic Walking.

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